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    How Loki's bringing you to bed


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    How Loki's bringing you to bed

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    (Part 1)

    You sit on the couch at the evening and reading a book while Loki’s watching TV.
    “Nothing special on TV today.”, he’s sighing.
    Suddenly you smash your book and look at him.
    As you sit there crossed-legged you take a look at him: “What could we do instead?”
    “Oh!”, he smiles and starts to laugh a little bit: “I have many ideas what we can do now, darling.”
    After he said that, he leans forward and kisses you.
    His lips are so soft as always and his eyes makes you crazy.
    This green shiny eyes…oh yes, you love them!
    And you KNOW you WANT him.
    And you even KNOW that HE want YOU!
    So what’s the problem.
    Pull him out of the living room into the bedroom and press him on your bed.
    Or maybe NO, take him here!
    Full of relish!
    He keeps you waiting for that moment too long!!
    The last time he takes you so hard that you do not know where and who you are anymore, in every single room you walk through every fuckin’ day.
    That was the best night you ever had.
    And SO it can be again.

    Loki grabs your arms and hold them together behind your back.
    Know you are very, very sure he want it like you in your daydream about the past.
    He lowers his lips on your neck and kiss and bites it.
    You starts to gasp and lean back your head more and more, so that he have enough room for licking down your throat.
    “L-Loki.”, you gasp and close your eyes.
    Only his snickering and your gasping will be heard in the living room.
    The TV stills talking to you two.
    But you don’t spent him any attention.

    Now you can feel how his cold hand is slipping under your upper part and touches your skin.
    An heart-stopping feeling takes place in your body and you want more.
    Nevertheless there is no way to release your hands off Loki’s control.
    “Do you try to escape, honey? If I may give you an offer, don’t try it again. Elsewise will victimize you and …”, he comes near to your ear with his lips and whispers: “…fuck you that damn hard, that you again cannot do anything else but screaming my name so loud that the neighbors reprimand you again! I hope you remember the last time. You looked so ashamed.”
    My breath stops and I feel how strong was the desire to feel him again.
    With every word he said my desire grows more and more.

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